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St. James Frisco Copper Lantern

St. James Frisco Copper Lantern

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St. James Lighting is a true custom lighting resource, taking you seamlessly from concept to completion. At St. James Lighting, our talented artisans have been designing and manufacturing beautiful custom copper lighting in Columbia, Mississippi since 2008.

Our dedicated, client focused team includes in-house designers, engineers, tooling, and manufacturing. Our customers appreciate the creativity, quality, and detailed design hand crafted into each light we produce.

Our products are designed to integrate performance with style. Exceeding our client’s expectations for quality, service, and artful design is what we thrive on. 

We don’t just make lights…. we make lights for YOU! 



Open Flame:

Natural Gas or Propane Gas


Candelabra or Edison Base

Automatic Ignition (Optional):

Either Natural Gas or Propane Gas, requires 110 line voltage and allows you to operate your gas lantern with a switch or other device.

Electric lanterns come standard with Single Edison Socket or Single Candelabra Socket. All lanterns can be upgraded to a Dual, Triple, or Quad candelabra cluster.

To see ALL the Frisco Custom Design Sizes that are listed in the "Sizes" Drop Down Section please go to our Line Drawings Section or simply type into our Search "Frisco Line Drawings" and they will come up. 

The St. James Lighting 100% Satisfaction Guarantee/Warranty includes the highest level of craftsmanship and individually hand-crafted excellence in every copper lighting fixture you can find anywhere- GUARANTEED!

    ***Either natural gas or propane gas fixtures requires an ON/OFF Auto-Ignition and a 110 line voltage which allows you to operate your gas lantern with a light switch or other device. Otherwise, the lantern will remain lit 24/7. 

    The comment we receive the most from our clients is they LOVE the great looks of their lights and they can see the quality and craftsmanship built into their new lights- it was well WORTH the WAIT!

     Please allow us 10-14+ weeks to individually handcraft a masterpiece for you! Custom designs may take a bit longer.

    With an open flame option, you can also operate the lantern with a light switch or other device. Choose the auto-ignition, on/off option and put a timer on it for total control of your gas lights. 

     With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect look for your home! 

        Why Choose St. James Lights?

        Why Choose a St. James Lantern?

    • Individually Hand-Crafted to meet your needs:  

    You get exactly what you want for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs because YOU design your light from 6 beautiful finishes, 4 glass options, 3-5 sizes depending upon the style, natural gas, propane or 5 electric options and 8 different mounting brackets.

    • Hand-Crafted Quality second to none:

    St. James Lights are called “lifetime fixtures” because when you purchase a St. James Lantern or Chandelier, you are making an investment that will last a lifetime and will be the last light fixtures you will ever need to buy.

    Each light is individually hand-crafted and inspected to ensure that you receive the highest quality lantern or chandelier available anywhere in the world.

    • Elegant Looks and Beauty:

    Designed and engineered to set the standard for elegant lighting, St. James Lights increase in beauty as the copper ages.

    • Durability and Longevity:

    St. James Lights are made from the best copper mined in the U.S., which has a projected life of 300 years. Less expensive zinc or aluminum metals are not used.

    Expensive copper brazing rods are used versus cheaper soldering methods and an expensive riveting machine is used versus cheaper and faster pop rivet methods used by many.

    • Made in America:

    We are proud to be American made in Columbia, Mississippi and 100% of every part is made in the USA. No parts or assembly come from China, like many do.

    • Will you assist us in Selecting Light Fixtures?

    Yes, we offer our clients our free design service by trained and experienced staff.

    Send us your plans, room sizes, ceiling heights or photos of your room, house or outdoor areas where you plan to install your lights and we will draft a customized lighting analysis which will give you the proper light size and style that will best complement your home or outdoor areas. If there are special lighting needs you have, please include those too.

    • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, call or email us with the country and address you would like shipped to with the light style, size and quantity and we will get you a quote. Approved for use in Canada.


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