About Us

Teton Lighting is a family owned and operated business located in the beautiful, rugged mountains of Idaho. Our journey with Teton Lighting started several years ago when we built the website ourselves (that was an amazing learning experience!) and the adventure has outgrown our wildest expectations. One of the largest benefits of being a family owned business is that we process your order and follow it through to completion- when your lantern, chandelier, furniture or carving reaches your door step.

The types of products we carry was easy to determine being we love copper lighting and sinks (coming next year!) and anything built with beautiful antlers. Finding the right copper Artisans was easy once we were told about and introduced to Jim and Pat Ragan, owners of St. James Lighting. Their company is known world-wide for setting the standard and hand-crafting the best elegant, modern copper lighting. Finding the best antler Artisans was more difficult and took a lot of time because we wanted only the best Artisans with decades of experience and craftsmen who were proud of their work and NEVER cut corners on quality. Once we found the best antler Artisans we were ready to roll. Also, everything had to made in the USA. That's our story!

At Teton Lighting we are proud to offer you the most complete selection of handcrafted copper lanterns and chandeliers by St. James Lighting found anywhere. We also carry the highest quality real and faux antler chandeliers, antler lighting, wagon wheel chandeliers, antler rustic furniture and antler carvings, all handcrafted in the USA. Our experienced and dedicated antler Artisans and copper light suppliers are from all over the U.S. including the West Coast, the East Coast, the Dakota's, Michigan and all the way south to New Orleans!

St. James Lighting is known world-wide and is the most trusted name in copper lighting fixtures. Why Choose St. James Lights? Our Antler Chandeliers are crafted by professional, highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who've been creating elegant antler chandeliers for decades. Our Copper Light Fixtures and antler chandeliers are of the highest quality to be found anywhere, so you can rest assured you are getting the absolute very best value for your money!

Every elegant copper light fixture is stylish and an amazing product of unparalleled skill and craftsmanship that you can see and feel, a true work of copper art! Once you experience the unmatched craftsmanship and amazing looks of a St. James Light, you will never look elsewhere- guaranteed! If you are looking for a large, robust, statement making chandelier, check out the St. James Tear Drop Copper Chandelier. We have what you need with a huge selection in designs, sizes and styles at great prices.

When only the very BEST will do for your new copper gas or electric lanterns, check out our Copper Lanterns section. Our wonderful selection of St. James Copper Chandeliers and Custom Designs found in our Copper Lights Gallery for you to select from is the largest in the country, retail store or online.

We use only Premium, Grade A Antlers for all our antler lights, carvings and antler furniture. This allows us to provide the highest quality and best looking antler chandeliers, antler carvings and antler decor available. Take a real close look at the pictures of our antler light sockets on all our antler chandeliers and you'll understand the extent we go to to attain the best quality possible found anywhere- we never cut corners!

Our Wagon Wheel Chandeliers section includes many beautiful reproduction rustic wagon wheel chandeliers at great prices to pick from that will really complete your western decor needs.

The Antler Carvings section has unsurpassed beauty in hand-crafted antler art! Created from Premium, Grade A moose and caribou antlers by a professional Antler Carving Artisan with more than 40 years of experience. Only the best! Check out these modern, yet classic works of antler art and you will see graceful antler carvings of Fighting Eagles w/Eagle Head Antler Carving w/Base , 2 Wolves Walking Caribou Antler Carving , The Lonesome Bear Antler Carving , Bull Moose Antler Carving and Fighting Elk Moose Antler Carving , to name a few.

All our real antler lights, carvings and furniture are made from naturally shed antlers, NO animals were hurt or killed in the process.

All of our real antler chandeliers and cast antler lighting are certified to comply with the most stringent manufacturing and safety codes in the U.S. and Canada (CSA listed to comply with UL 1598) and are guaranteed.

If you would like a custom design please contact us and we will help you.

We are a family owned business that believes in providing great customer service and when you order with us you are more than an order number to be filled. Everything we carry is made in the greatest country in the world, the USA, and we're proud of that!