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Soaring Eagle Antler Carving w/Antler Base

Soaring Eagle Antler Carving w/Antler Base

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Individually Handcrafted by a Professional Antler Master Carver Artisan with 20+ Years of Experience Creating Art from Real Antlers! 

Long Lasting Beauty & Quality Artwork.  
Proudly Handmade in USA. Workmanship is guaranteed! 

FREE SHIPPING to Mainland USA. Affordable Prices.

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The Soaring Eagle Moose Antler Carving with Eagle Head and Antler Base uses a real Moose Antler shed to create a stunningly beautiful antler art sculpture. This inspiring antler carving comes is 24-28".

Additional sizes are available upon request. Notice in the pictures how the size of the Alaskan moose antler carving changes dramatically the overall looks and design of this moose antler art masterpiece.

The zoom feature helps you see the grandeur and breathtaking beauty of this antler carving artwork.

Truly an eye catching, one-of-a-kind piece of horn carving art that your family and visitors will stop in their tracks to admire! These carved moose antlers include a magnificent moose antler eagle carving with a have to see it to believe it looking antler carved eagle head!  

The American Bald Eagle was adopted as the national bird symbol of the United States in 1782. It was chosen for its majesty, beauty, great strength and courage to brave the harshest of elements.

These truly magnificent birds live 30-35 years. They have exceptional vision, amazing strength, and mate for life, nesting in the same nest for years.

This moose antler art is magnificent and stately, demanding attention wherever you place it. The beautiful detail and choice of shed moose antlers for this antler art transforms a moose antler into a work of antler art.

The tremendous detail in the eagles head carving is stunning. 

Please check out our other beautiful discount moose antler carvings for sale as well as other moose antler art sales we have and moose antler chandeliers, moose antler lamps, elk antler art, elk antler chandeliers and elk antler lamps.

We carry only Alaskan moose antler carvings and we do not carry moose wood carvings.  

Please check out our other beautiful moose antler carvings as well as other moose antler art - we have and moose antler chandeliers, moose antler lamps, elk antler art, elk antler chandeliers and elk antler lamps. We carry only Alaskan moose antler carvings and we do not carry moose wood carvings. 



 First, we only use Grade A antlers, which are the best looking and highest quality naturally shed deer, elk or moose antlers that can be found. They are also the most expensive antlers to buy and use for carvings, but you get what you pay for. We do not use antlers below Grade A, ever.

Next, our professional antler master carver is the best in the antler carving industry found anywhere in the United States and has been doing the trade for decade’s, full time professionally.

She knows what she is doing and how to do it to ensure that you will get the best looking, highest quality antler carving on the market for your money.                 

Next, a lot of time and effort goes into each and every antler carving, which is seen in all of the minute details that goes almost unnoticed by the untrained eye, unless you really look for it.

Each piece of antler art is crafted one step at a time and created by the work of a true artist’s hand- that is how it becomes a unique, one of a kind, work of art. Each carving is individually hand carved by a senior professional antler carving artisan who has decades of experience.

The artists' focus on detail makes every carving incredibly real to life and is what makes each carving a true work of art. Our carving Artisan has decades of watching and learning from her father who himself was a professional antler carver for many years.

Since then she has put in years and years on her carving trade, professionally adjusting her technique and tools to accomplish the professional works of art that she is proud of having displayed in your home, office or cabin. 

 All Antler carvings used shed antlers, no animal was hurt while harvesting shed antlers. We LOVE to create your own special designs, just email or call us at Teton Lighting! 

This piece is stunning and simply BEAUTIFUL!  As with any picture, our pictures and zooms CANNOT do this carving justice, you really have to see it to believe the beauty and detail put into this carving!







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Thomas F. (Idaho)
my wife loves it

but the soaring eagle, moose antlers for my wife and my anniversary, and she fell in love with it. Great looking great details, and for good price, would highly recommend Teton lighting for any future purchases.

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