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Kings Hill Faux Deer Antler Chandelier, 32"W x 20"T

Kings Hill Faux Deer Antler Chandelier, 32"W x 20"T

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We will create a Faux Antler Chandelier MASTERPIECE for you!

If you want the VERY BEST LOOKING faux antlers and Highest Quality Craftsmanship in the industry- look no further!

Because we use the latest technology, equipment and materials to create the most REALISTIC looking faux antlers on the market today!

Each faux antler and chandelier has to pass the strictest, highest level of inspections after production found in the industry or it does NOT leave our shop!

Guaranteed Quality and Craftsmanship you can trust in!

Made in the USA and PROUD of it!

Faux Antler Designs at the Very Best!

The comment we receive the most from our clients is they LOVE the GREAT realistic looks of the faux antlers and the quality and craftsmanship built into their new chandelier!

An Individually Handcrafted work of art!

GUARANTEED to Have Real Antler Authentic Looks!

All Hardware Included. Ships in 5-10 business days!

U.L. & ETL Certified For U.S. & Canada. Easy to Hang.

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Mainland USA.

Please call or email us with any questions you may have.

The Kings Hill Faux Mule Deer Antler Chandelier is the classical choice for a rustic lighting setting in a smaller area. Its size gives it the advantage that it can be put almost anywhere.

This lighting piece has 6 antlers and six 25-watt candle lights and only weighs a mere six pounds, making it a lightweight yet perfect choice.

  • UL Listed for U.S. & Canada
  • Approved for Dry Locations Only 
  • Antlers individually hand-stained and finished for authentic look
  • All wiring internal 

Material: Each product is made from a medium-density polyethylene material that is lighter in weight and just as durable.

Lights: 6-25 watt candelabra lights

Bulbs: Not included

Size:  6 antler, 32 inches wide and 20 inches tall (Approximately)

*Due to products being handmade, size varies slightly and measurements given are approximate.

Weight: 6 pounds

Chain: 3 feet included

Mounting Kit: Canopy and mounting hardware included

No rawhide shades available for this chandelier. 

Ships via UPS

Ships within 5-14 business days

Made in USA

The Kings Hill Cast Deer Antler Chandelier is a great looking mid-size deer antler chandelier. It's stately design and looks make quite a statement but it's not too big or overbearing as to overwhelm a room. It's a great choice if you want to add a rustic chandelier or beautiful antler lighting to your western decor. Western rustic antler lighting at its best. 

The Kings Hill Faux Deer Antler Chandelier is 32 inches wide and 20 inches tall, which makes it a very popular reproduction deer antler chandelier with the Interior Designers we work with.

Weighing in at only 6 pounds means it is very easy to hang and to move to different locations if one desires. It has 6 great looking antlers and has 6 (25 watt) soft candle lights, just enough light for those mid-size rooms.

At first glance it has simple elegance and beauty without being overbearing or too big or too busy. Just right for that medium sized room or cabin that doesn't need to be overwhelmed with TOO MUCH chandelier!

It is light and easy to hang and to move around for those special occasions, like weddings or special events! 

Many of our clients use our deer antler light fixtures for temporary outdoor entertaining events (make sure it's in a dry location and only for temporary use) and large special event gatherings like weddings, family reunions, graduations and military homecomings. 

Available in white antlers for no extra charge- just email or call us. Named after some great open mountain country in the West, it will bring the looks and feel of open sagebrush country right into your home or cabin.

Stand for a second and take a long look at it and you can almost smell the sagebrush and feel with the wind whipping through it as the big mulie buck runs over a far ridge to safety.

The Kings Hill Faux Deer Antler Chandelier is not a real deer antler chandelier so it costs half as much and weighs only a third of a real mule deer antler chandelier.

Teton Lighting is here to help you with all your lighting needs. It's ready to install with 3 ' of chain, the mounting kit, canopy and mounting hardware. UL Listed and Approved for dry locations only and all wiring is internal.

 Made in the USA or it doesn't leave our shop.

Here at Teton Lighting we want to earn your business.

Thanks for taking a minute and shopping with us!

 Which Chandelier for my room size and dining room should I get?


The BEST VALUE your money can buy:

We guarantee the best value with the lowest prices. Why? Because we have very little overhead, no salesmen, no middlemen and no store front so we can pass the BIG savings on to you! It just makes sense.

The HIGHEST QUALITY your money can buy:

When you buy a cast antler chandelier from us you will receive the absolute BEST LOOKING and HIGHEST QUALITY cast antler chandelier that your money can buy- anywhere, guaranteed! Why? Because our cast antler master craftsmen have been doing their trade for years, full time professionally, and are the very best in the cast antler chandelier industry.

They know what they are doing and how to do it to ensure that you will get the best looking, highest quality cast antler chandelier on the market for your money. We use only the best, most expensive materials, resins, colors, paints and finishing methods.

We TRIPLE inspect each and every antler for looks, color consistency and finish before it leaves our doors! We cut no corners. Also, another important point to notice is that all our chandeliers are internally wired for better looks.

That is difficult to do and takes a lot of skill and extra effort to do properly. No shortcuts when it comes to quality. All our lights are UL Listed and Approved for quality assurance.

The BEST LOOKING cast antler chandeliers your money can buy: 

We hand-stain each antler individually. NOT painted in a assembly line production like many do to save expense. After hand-staining each antler and the proper drying time is completed, each antler is inspected for looks and quality.

After the finish has been applied to the antler and it has dried it is inspected for the second time before it is hand-crafted into an antler chandelier.

Each antler is now inspected for looks, color consistency and any blemishes. If it doesn't meet our stringent standards it is discarded and thrown into the junk pile. Very few fail our standards due to the expensive materials and methods we use.

After the chandelier has been designed, hand-crafted and finished, it is inspected for a third time. Finally it is now ready to be shipped to your home and installed. The attention to the finish, color consistency, shape, design and detail will ABSOLUTELY AMAZE you!

We can confidently say that you will receive the very BEST LOOKING, HIGHEST QUALITY cast antler chandelier found anywhere in the industry, GUARANTEED!

The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE you can find anywhere:

We are a small family owned business run by a husband and wife team. We answer all the phone calls and emails and each and every order is important to us.

You're NOT just a customer order number to us. We follow your order from the time it is received to when the antler chandelier is delivered to your home and lit up. We believe in giving you GREAT customer service and that is why we get many repeat customers and referrals.

Note* ALL our lights and chandeliers are made in the USA. We ship to Canada and Internationally, just call or email us for a shipping quote. All cast antler chandeliers are also available in white or sun bleached at no extra cost.

 Return Policy:

  • Products and all parts are guaranteed to work upon delivery.
  • No further warranty is available.
  • Returns are only accepted within 7 days of receiving the product.
  • The product must be in the original packaging.
  •  Buyer must contact us first before returning a product.
  • Freight Item: Inspect chandelier, if damaged refuse shipment. If you sign for it, we are not responsible for the return freight cost.
  • Due to these products being Made to Order: Buyer is to pay all return shipping costs and the $50.00 restocking fee.
  •  There is no further warranty available for the Rawhide Shades. Rawhide shades can crack over time, especially if they are overheated. Use LED low wattage bulbs. We suggest NOT to use 25 watt or higher bulbs with these shades because it greatly diminishes the life of the Rawhide Shades. 
  • Due to products being handmade, size varies slightly and measurements given are approximate.
  • To refund or cancel an order, it must be done within 24 hours of the order due to our fast turnaround times.





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