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Elk & Deer Antler Table

Elk & Deer Antler Table

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Individually Hand-Crafted by our Full Time Professional Antler Artisan with 30 Years of Experience!

Long Lasting Beauty & Quality. 


Handmade in USA. Workmanship is guaranteed. 


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The Elk and Deer Antler Table is as stylish in design and contemporary in looks of an elk and deer antler table as you'll see anywhere!

It measures 30" tall with a 24" square glass (which is included) and has 6 big, beautiful whitetail antlers and 4 great looking elk antlers- and that's a lot of antlers in a table.

Take a close look at the pictures and you will see what we mean! The shapely curved elk and deer antlers are crafted into a grand and unique design that is as sturdy as it is eye catching!

This hand-crafted antler table is truly a one-of-a-kind creation. With all those beautiful antlers supporting the glass table, this "antler rich" table will add immensely to the rustic decor and antler chandelier lighting for your cabin or home.

Made with all naturally shed elk and deer antlers from the Rocky Mountains, this elegantly styled antler table will awe everyone who enters the room, it's that inspiring with its great looks!

A great conversation piece of antler decor for your home or cabin that is second to none! Or you can custom design your own size antler table if you prefer, just let us know what you'd like and we'll build it just how you want it!

 Notice that the ends of every elk and deer antler is polished as smooth as a pearl, adding greatly to the overall looks of the table.

The elk and deer antlers used in our tables are Grade A antlers, which means only the best looking and highest quality antler sheds are used.

These are also the most expensive to use but their looks and quality are so far superior to Grade B or Grade C antlers that it isn't even an option.

This is an important point to the overall looks and quality of the table and, as always, you get what you pay for. This antler table will add an amazing feel of the big open Rocky Mountains to your cabin or home. 

If you have a different design, size or style in mind that you would prefer let us know, we love creating custom designs! Crafted and created to satisfy your antler table needs, this wonderful antler table will fit in well with any size room or area you have.

All the antlers used to hand-craft this great looking table are from naturally shed antlers and no animals were hurt.

We are proud that it is made in the USA!

At Teton Lighting we would like to earn your business by providing you with great customer service. Thanks for shopping with us!  


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