St. James Calais Copper Lantern

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  • St. James Calais Copper Lantern
  • St. James Calais Copper Lantern
  • St. James Calais Copper Lantern
  • Custom Quote #1814 for small cost $595  on 2/21
  • Custom Quote #1814 for medium cost ?  on 2/21
  • Custom Quote #1814 for large cost $800  on 2/21
  • Custom Quote #1814 for Grade cost $950  on 2/21
MSRP: $1,459.99
— You save $160.00




Workmanship is GUARANTEED! Handcrafted in the USA.

St. James Outdoor Lanterns are made from the purest copper in the world. Custom Designs in Copper or Steel are Welcome! All Light Fixtures are ETL Certified and all Electrical Components are U.L. Certified. Burners and Valves are Solid Brass. Other Materials used are 16, 20 and 32 ounce Copper- only the Best! Additional Finish Colors are available. More Mounting Brackets and Add Ons are available too at Lantern Options

The St. James Lighting 100% Satisfaction Guarantee/Warranty includes the highest level of craftsmanship and individually hand-crafted excellence in every copper lighting fixture you can find anywhere- guaranteed!


  • Clear Glass
  • Choice of 6 Finish Colors & Optional Powder Coats
  • Choice of 4 Brackets (Copper or Steel Wall or Post Mount)
  • 4 Lighting Choices (Natural Gas, Propane Gas, Electric 1 Bulb - Edison Base or Candelabra
  • Free Shipping
  • St. James Lighting Guarantee

If you would like to see or add additional options to your lanterns go to the Lantern Options section.


  • Glass Choices (Antique, Seedy, Water) Note: for electric lanterns only
  • Brackets & Mount Plates
  • Curls, Mustache Curls & Scrolls
  • Yard Lamp Posts
  • Decorative Add Ons
  • ON/OFF Auto-Ignition
  • Gas Flame Shields (recommended for windy areas)

Please look in the LANTERN OPTIONS section to add options to your lanterns.

***Either natural gas or propane gas fixtures requires an ON/OFF Auto-Ignition and a 110 line voltage which allows you to operate your gas lantern with a light switch or other device. Otherwise, the lantern will remain lit 24/7.  

Product Information

  • Natural Gas or Propane Gas for open flame
  • Requires 110 line voltage
  • Allows operation with a light switch or other device
  • Edison Socket or Candelabra Cluster for electric

FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Mainland USA. 

The St. James Lighting Calais copper outdoor lantern, by St. James Lighting, is a new addition and a custom design copper outdoor lantern requested from the Interior Designers we work with.

The Calais copper lantern takes outdoor lighting elegance to an entirely new level with its stylish and almost seductive looks - a design that radiates strength and light to all who see it. Designers really love all the options that are available with the Calais copper lantern, making it easy to meet their clients’ needs for copper outdoor lanterns. You will too!

For the Home Decorator in you, you'll be able to build your own Calais copper lantern from "scratch". Let's start with looking at how to build your own copper lantern light. First let's look at all the options you have to choose from; 16 finish colors, 4 glass options, 5 size options, 8 mounting options and 7 lighting options.

Think you will find what you want and need? You bet! Looking for a soft, romantic light to enhance the front of your home or entryway? Then choose one of the two gas options for amazing ambience that cannot be beat.

The Calais copper lantern offers style and elegance for your entryway or where ever you want to place it! 5 sizes include mini, small, medium, large and Grande. The 4 popular glass options are antique, seedy, clear and water glass.

The 6 colorful finish choices are Raw Copper, Verdi Green, 10 Powder Coats, Dark Patina, Medium Patina and Light Patina and Liver of Sulfur. Now on to the 8 mounting options which include the standard copper or steel wall mounts or post mounts plus options include the ceiling yoke, ceiling half yoke, pendant and wall mount yoke.

If you prefer hanging gas lights these brackets have what you need. And we're not done yet, but we're getting closer. And with all those different mounting options, you can choose from several unique displays to create a personalized look all your own!

Now about the 7 different lighting options. To begin with you need to decide what look do you prefer? Do you like the looks of a 4 prong open flame, which gives the gas lanterns a more natural look and has romantic ambience.

If so, then choose between 2 gas options, natural gas or propane gas for your gas exterior lights. Most folks choose the auto-ignition on/off option and then put a timer on it for total control of when your gas lights come on and go off and this also reduces gas use.

If you are going to use your gas lanterns in your outdoor entertaining areas, like a lot of our clients do, then it's important to know that our gas lights DO NOT attract bugs. If you prefer copper electric lanterns, then there are 4 electric lighting options depending upon how much light is needed. Choose the Edison Base Socket if you prefer more light from your copper electric lanterns or the Candelabra Cluster for less light.

The Calais also makes an amazing looking outdoor chandelier for your outdoor entertaining parties and gatherings. There you have it, you've now built your own copper outdoor lanterns from the ground up. Now sit back and enjoy them! 

Please check out all our great copper lighting fixtures before you leave our store including our beautiful copper gas lanterns, copper electric lanterns, copper outdoor lanterns, Coppersmith lanterns, copper lighting pendants, copper exterior lanterns, solid copper outdoor lighting fixtures, outdoor chandeliers, our great selection of copper outdoor hanging lanterns as well as our copper outdoor wall lanterns. So many great options for copper outdoor light fixtures to choose from as well as many great copper lantern lighting ideas to think about for your home. 

As with all our St. James Lighting copper lanterns we SHIP FREE to the mainland USA and we have unbeatable prices and low prices on brand name copper lanterns as well as our low price guarantee. We are one of the top home improvement sites in the country and if you have copper lighting questions just ask our Trusted Lighting Experts for help! You will find many great buys on discount copper lanterns, copper chandeliers and all kinds of copper lighting here at Teton Lighting!

Great Designer Tips the Pros Use When Selecting An Outdoor LanternWhy Choose St. James Lights?


                               Why Choose a St. James Lighting Copper Outdoor Lantern?

  • Individually Hand-Crafted to meet your needs:  

You get exactly what you want for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs because YOU design your light from 6 beautiful finishes, 4 glass options, 3-5 sizes depending upon the style, natural gas, propane or 5 electric options and 8 different mounting brackets.

  • Hand-Crafted Quality second to none:

St. James Lights are called “lifetime fixtures” because when you purchase a St. James Lantern or Chandelier, you are making an investment that will last a lifetime and will be the last light fixtures you will ever need to buy. Each light is individually hand-crafted and inspected to ensure that you receive the highest quality lantern or chandelier available anywhere in the world.

  • Elegant Looks and Beauty:

Designed and engineered to set the standard for elegant lighting, St. James Lights increase in beauty as the copper ages.

  • Durability and Longevity:

St. James Lights are made from the best copper mined in the U.S., which has a projected life of 300 years. Less expensive zinc or aluminum metals are not used. Expensive copper brazing rods are used versus cheaper soldering methods and an expensive riveting machine is used versus cheaper and faster pop rivet methods used by many.

  • Made in America:

We are proud to be American made in Columbia, Mississippi and 100% of every part is made in the USA. No parts or assembly come from China, like many do.

  • Will you assist us in Selecting Light Fixtures?

Yes, we offer our clients our free design service by trained and experienced staff. Send us your plans, room sizes, ceiling heights or photos of your room, house or outdoor areas where you plan to install your lights and we will draft a customized lighting analysis which will give you the proper light size and style that will best complement your home or outdoor areas. If there are special lighting needs you have, please include those too.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, call or email us with the country and address you would like shipped to with the light style, size and quantity and we will get you a quote. Approved for use in Canada.


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