Interior Decorating Tips to Consider When Choosing a Chandelier

The Interior Decorators and Designers we work with here at Teton Lighting have many different tips, suggestions and guidelines they tell their clients and use when selecting an elegant chandelier. Of course after following all the standard guidelines and rules we all know that rules are made to be broken and at the end of the day the final choice ALWAYS gets down to what you really like the looks of best! The grandeur of a large, stately, head turning chandelier can really accentuate the look and feel of any entrance or room. So if you're looking for a statement making chandelier you may consider the St. James Tear Drop Copper Chandelier or the St. James Shenandoah Copper Chandelier. We are seeing an emerging trend where it is now common for homeowners to place chandeliers in the master and guest bedrooms, bathrooms, children's bedrooms and hallways. Elegant chandeliers are no longer designed just for formal dining areas and large entertaining areas. 

 With so many styles, designs and choices available to choose from one can feel overwhelmed, but we're here to help! You can have plenty of fun or feel overwhelmed when shopping for the perfect chandelier. With a few considerations and useful tips, you can have that perfect chandelier hanging in your home in no time.

 Lighting Choices:

 How much light do you need? Interior Decorators know that lighting can make or break the looks or feel of the room or area. A majestic entryway demands a stately chandelier with lots of beautiful light. A smaller living room or entertainment area needs a chandelier sized correctly that also has just the right amount of light for what the room will be used for.

When choosing chandelier lighting, one needs to decide what’s most important; the amount and quality of the lighting or the design style or looks of the lighting. Some chandeliers are artistic and created to be more decorative and conversational items in a room, others are designed to light an entire room for dining, reading, or cooking.

At Teton Lighting we have many different lighting options to choose from- GAS/ELECTRIC LIGHTING OPTIONS including natural gas or propane for open air rooms and patios or for outdoor lanterns St. James French Country Lantern . Our electric options are unsurpassed with 5 different choices including an Edison Base Socket, which has 1- 660 watt bulb for your brighter lighting needs. If you prefer the graceful looks of candelabra lighting we have available 1, 2, 3 or 4 bulbs that are 60 watts each. Unique rooms may need a stylish, chic and gracefully designed light that adds some light to the room or area, but lighting is not the main purpose, style is. In this case consider an elegant light like our St. James Star Copper Chandelier. Another important consideration which is very unique to our brand of lighting is that all our Copper Lanterns are also used as indoor lights with the electric option, add a pendant chain and they become beautiful pendant lighting versus outdoor gas lanterns.   

Finish Colors

This may just be the hardest choice or the easiest choice you have to make and nobody can make it for you. Every room, entryway or area of course is different. No article, especially one this short, can help you make the correct decision with 100% certainty- which is what you need before ordering your lights. If you are really struggling with which finish color to choose, we suggest you spend the money and hire a professional Interior Decorator to assist you- it may be the best money you spend in this project.

We have 6 beautiful finish colors to choose from which include; Raw Copper, Verdi Green, Light, Medium and Dark Patina and Liver of Sulfer along with 10 different Powder Coated finish colors in Starlight Black, Black Chrome, Black Flat Speckled Bronze, Chrome II, Pompeian Gold II, Oil Rubbed Bronze, AAMA Bronze, Stainless Steel 2.5, Silver Tex. If you prefer a different finish, tell us what you want and we'll craft it just how you want it. 

Glass Styles

We have 4 beautiful choices of glass including clear glass (standard), antique glass, seedy glass and water glass- GLASS OPTIONSSome chandeliers do not use glass, and with some you can choose glass or no glass. If you prefer a different style of glass, just let us know what you like and we'll create that for you.

Choosing the Right Size and How High to Hang a Chandelier

 This question is a little more difficult to answer because of several different factors. The majority of times your decision for determining which size Copper Chandeliers to choose will come down to the size of the room or area where it will be hung. Here again, the basic decorating guidelines are used by our interior designers to determine the right size of chandelier for your room. The general rule used for determining the size of a chandelier for a room or area is to add the width and the length of the room in feet and convert this number into inches (for example, if the room is 18' x 18' (18 + 18 = 36), so the chandelier you choose should be 36" in diameter. All of our copper chandeliers and Copper Lanterns have line drawings in with the pictures so you can see what sizes the mini, small, medium, large and grande sizes actually are.

Now comes the curve ball, because many times Interior Designers will throw out the "general rules" for determining the size of the chandelier because they desire a greater lighting impact or a lesser lighting impact for that room or area. Think about this, do you want your chandelier to really stand out and impress like it should in a large entryway, hallway, outside entrance, dining room or entertainment area like a St. James Tear Drop Copper Chandelier will do. If this is the case, then choose a large, bold and robust chandelier that will make a statement. You may have a small entryway, room or area and you want to make sure that it DOES NOT dominate the room or area, like a moose chandelier- Moose Antler Chandelier, 60" Wide by 40" Tall or over sized copper chandelier could do. In that case go by the general rule and shave an inch or two off the total number for the suggested diameter size. 

The guideline for most dining room chandeliers is that the bottom of the light fixture should hang between 30" and 36" from the top of the table in a dining room with an 8' ceiling. Have a taller ceiling than 8', no problem, for each additional foot of ceiling height the Decorators tell us to add about 3" to the suspension height. Of course rules are made to be broken and Interior Decorators will be the first to break those rules to get the desired effect they want when decorating.

As far as height off the floor, 8 - 10 feet off the floor to the bottom of the chandelier is usually right, so there is plenty of clearance underneath the bottom of the chandelier. 

 Please Contact Us if we can help out with any additional questions you may have, we're here to help!