Great Designer Tips the Pros Use When Selecting An Outdoor Lantern

Here at Teton Lighting one of the really large and growing trends we've seen lately is the use of top of the line Copper Lanterns and Copper Chandeliers for outdoor lighting to enhance the looks of front yards, driveway entrances and especially upscale outdoor entertainment areas. These gracefully designed and decorated outdoor entertainment areas have grown so much in popularity the last several years that the demand has created an entire industry that caters to meeting the needs of homeowners who want sophisticated looking lighting, decor and furniture for their classy outdoor entertaining areas. As homeowners explore how to improve the looks of those areas, they are finding many creative uses for outdoor lanterns and damp approved pendant lights and Copper Chandeliers for their areas. *Note, many of our clients use our copper lanterns, chandeliers, Wagon Wheel Chandeliers and Antler Chandeliers in their outdoor areas, just be sure that every light is damp rated AND is in a covered area so direct sunlight, rain and wind does not touch it. Great looking rustic decor like an 3 Antler Table Lamp, Antler Tipped Pull Chain, 18"t x15"w/ Antler Finial  and elegant pendant lighting like a St. James Persian Copper Chandelier are becoming even more important to make these areas attractive, enjoyable, comfortable and fun for socializing, entertaining and just hanging out.

 Impressive lighting, such as rustic wagon wheel chandeliers are very important to your outdoor entertaining decks or patios; they add beautiful, soft lighting and they increase the amount of time you can spend outdoors, because you can now use those areas during the day and long into those hot, star filled summer nights. Outdoor Lanterns and chandeliers come in a myriad of styles and designs Copper Lights Gallery , and can truly compliment the modern looks and decor of your outdoor area. Great home designers consider the style and look of both indoor and outdoor spaces, and can assist homeowners with finding just the right type and design of outdoor lighting that will enhance the decor of your areas.

 Here are a few great tips on how to choose the right outdoor lantern for your gorgeous deck, porch, or patio area:


 How are you planning on using your Outdoor Lighting? Is it mostly for entertaining, or to enhance the looks of your entrance or front or back yard? How large of area or areas do you use for entertaining? Do guests need to walk some distance from where they park to the entertainment areas? Is security a consideration and possibly adding some lighting to a dark area? These are a couple questions that need to be addresses before choosing and purchasing your lanterns or chandeliers. The professionals answer these questions first, then they ask how much lighting is needed or desired in the outdoor space, by considering its functionality. If you are trying to light a large area that you do not entertain in, you may not be so concerned about the style of the lantern, as you are about its wattage, brightness, or location. For safety, you want the most powerful lantern possible, maybe even one that has flood light capabilities, for optimum vision and safety.

 Home Design,

 Since there are so many versions and styles of outdoor lanterns; from modern, chic designs to more traditional classic designs, a home designer will always consider the design and the era of the architecture of the home. If your house is newly built, condo style, or just decorated and designed with modern decor; a more innovative, sleek, and stylish lantern like the St. James Madison Copper Lantern or the St. James French Country Lantern would fit best to help complete the design idea. For more traditional and older homes, with plenty of wood design, and old-fashioned porch areas, a classic vintage styled lantern design like the St. James Biloxi Copper Lantern or the St. James Bordeaux Copper Lantern may be the best compliment. Copper lanterns like the St. James Chesapeake Copper Lantern are also popularly used in front porch and patio areas to enhance the overall looks of your property. They are also perfect to use for outdoor dining, entertaining, and swimming pool areas. 

 There are outdoor lanterns, chandeliers and pendant lights to achieve all different kinds of looks from the beautiful and graceful St. James Weatherford Copper Lantern to the robust and grandeur looks of a St. James Tear Drop Copper Chandelier.

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