GREAT Ideas for Unique Lighting Designs

Design your room with lights that stand out and command attention yet match the room’s colors and overall theme.

Design lights in the living room at different levels and in different directions.

Attractive dining room lighting and a kitchen with plenty of elegant lighting will speak volumes.    

Lighting in a unique way can add to the décor of a room. Attractive and stylish chandeliers are a great way to add unique lighting to a dining or living room.

Rustic and antler chandeliers come in many shapes and styles. This elk antler chandelier made from shed antlers is a majestic antler chandelier that can add elegant lighting to a high ceiling room or entryway.

Another unique way to light a room is to use geometric shapes as light fixtures.


Another way to use unique lighting in interior designs is the use of colors.


Another fun way to light up a room is the use of fish or animal shapes in lighting fixtures.

Nov 3rd 2015 Jim Faust

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