Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights

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  • Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights
  • Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights
  • Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights
  • Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights
  • Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights
  • Yosemite Deer Antler Chandelier, 8 Lights
MSRP: $2,000.00
— You save $200.01


 Antler Chandelier


The price listed above includes all shipping, handling and crating fees.

 Workmanship is GUARANTEED! Handcrafted in the USA. All Light Fixtures are ETL Certified and all Electrical Components are U.L. Certified.

 Compare our antler lighting to any other work out there and you will agree is is by far the best quality antler lighting available for your money. Please call with any questions!  

 The Yosemite Mule Deer Antler Chandelier comes with magnificent looking antlers and 7 beautiful elk antler covered base light sockets! Downlight is available upon request.

 Our antler chandeliers come with every thing you need to install it in a ceiling electrical box including 3 feet of chain, canopy cover and install parts. Other sizes are available upon request. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. If you need more chain, let us know and we'll take care of it. 

 The Yosemite Mule Deer Antler Chandelier is as stately and grandeur of deer antler chandelier as you'll find anywhere. Stylish elegance with brilliant lighting, the Yosemite real deer antler chandelier was designed and crafted for entryways and rooms that demand regal and majestic lighting. The brilliance that radiates from the Yosemite rustic chandelier makes a statement to all who enter its presence. Our Interior Designers LOVE working with the Yosemite deer antler chandelier because of these characteristics and that it comes in 3 wonderful sizes and 7 lights to decorate very different size rooms and areas. The width sizes for the Yosemite are; 32", an impressive 42" and an absolutely amazing 48" width. The height averages 16" tall but we can make them shorter or taller, depending upon what you need.

We can also make this design into a whitetail deer antler chandelier with whatever specifications you desire. Now that's impressive for any deer antler chandelier! The shapely real deer antlers reach outward from the center of the chandelier, creating stylish, elegant lines of antlers lined with soft glowing individually hand-crafted candelabra lights. Which Chandelier for my room size and dining room should I get ?  How to Clean Your Antler Chandeliers  


The BEST VALUE your money can buy:   

 We guarantee the best value with the lowest prices. Why? Because we have very little overhead, no salesmen, no middlemen and no store front so we can pass the BIG savings on to you! It just makes sense.   

The HIGHEST QUALITY & BEST LOOKING antler chandeliers money can buy:   

When you buy an antler chandelier from us you will receive the absolute BEST LOOKING and HIGHEST QUALITY antler chandelier that your money can buy- anywhere, GUARANTEED! Why?  

First, we individually hand select every antler for each chandelier we design and create. Every antler is inspected for looks, quality and shape. We ONLY use Grade A antlers. Grade A antlers are the very best looking shed antlers that can be bought anywhere. They are labeled as Grade A antlers because they are the highest quality and best looking antlers that can be purchased in North America. There is quite a demand for the Grade A antlers we use and are also the most costly antlers to acquire and use for our antler chandeliers. A lot of antler chandeliers are made using Grade B or even Grade C antlers, hoping people won't notice. They are quite a bit cheaper to buy and use to build antler chandeliers but an observant eye can tell the difference quite easily, and what a difference they are in looks and quality. You get what you pay for. No shortcuts when it comes to quality.  

 Second, all the beautiful candelabra antler light sockets (notice the pictures we include) we use are individually hand-crafted, shaped and styled to fit on the antler exactly where the craftsman feels the lights are needed most to create the very best lighting effect. Hand-crafting all the candelabra light sockets requires an amazing amount of time and very hard effort. Obviously it would be faster and less expensive if we used standard, "assembly line" commercially manufactured light sockets on our antler chandeliers. But we don't because we don’t take any short cuts that take away from the quality and looks of our antler chandeliers! Never have, so we don't use any short cuts in the designing and crafting of the very best antler chandeliers available on the market, bar none.   

Third, every one of our antler chandeliers are internally wired for better looks. That is no easy task and is difficult to do, requiring a lot of skill, effort and time to do properly. Just imagine all those wires running through the curved antlers at different angles and running the length of the antlers.   

Fourth, our professional craftsmen are the best in the antler chandelier industry. They have been crafting, designing and building antler chandeliers and working their trade for decades. They know what they are doing and how to do it to ensure that you will get the best looking, highest quality antler chandelier on the market for your money.  

The BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE you can find anywhere:   

We are a small family owned business outside Boise, Idaho, run by a husband and wife team. We answer all the phone calls and emails and each and every order is important to us. You're NOT just a customer order number to us. We follow your order from the time it is received to when the antler chandelier is delivered to your home and lit up. We believe in giving you GREAT customer service and that is why we get many repeat customers and referrals.   

 Note* We custom build antler chandeliers for people and love doing it so if you have a different size or style in mind just let us know and we'll craft a chandelier to meet your needs. ALL our lights and chandeliers are made in the USA. We ship to Canada and Internationally, just call or email us for a shipping quote.





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    A GREAT looking deer chandelier

    Posted by Larry on 23rd Dec 2015

    We shopped around a lot to finally find this one, and are we glad we did!
    When it arrived we were AMAZED at how beautiful it was- beyond our expectations! The quality in our deer antler chandelier is really unbelievable.
    A great price and fast delivery, couldn't be happier.
    Thanks Teton Lighting!

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