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The St. James Lighting guarantee includes the highest level of craftsmanship and individually hand-crafted excellence in every copper lighting fixture you can find anywhere- guaranteed!

The natural gas and propane gas options boast the only 4 Prong Flame on the market today! That makes quite a difference for the ambient looks of the gas flames. The 4 Prong Flame has a larger- wider and taller flame than a 1, 2 or 3 prong flame- considerably larger! As a side note- our gas flames DO NOT attract bugs.

You will be VERY pleased with the amazingly beautiful looks of the St. James 4 Prong Gas Flame. Also, the gas lantern will remain lit 24/7 unless you add an ON/OFF Auto-Ignition on it at the time of purchase. Add a timer to it (which you can find at any hardware store for $15) and you will have total control over when your gas lantern goes on and off. Plus it saves money on the amount of gas that is used. This requires a 110 voltage line run to your lantern, which then allows you to operate your gas lantern with a light switch or timer. This is pretty easy to do and well worth it!

Also, if you live in a windy area it is a MUST that you check out the the Flame Shields in the Option Section and order Flame Shields for each gas lantern, they're only $25 each and well worth the price- you'll be glad you did. Also- with the gas option, the only Glass you should use is the Clear Glass, which comes standard. The Antique, Seedy and Water Glass break when used with gas lighting. 

The Electric Options offered by St. James are really great with a wide selection to choose from, depending upon how much light you need. The Edison Base Socket has 1 very bright bulb that will hold a 660 Watt bulb. The trend now is to use LED bulbs for even more light or electric bulbs that look like a gas flame are getting popular. If you prefer the looks of a cluster of bulbs the Candelabra Cluster with multiple bulbs is the way to go with your choice of 1-4  60 Watt bulbs. Note-some of the smaller size lights don't have enough room in them to hold 4 bulbs. 


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