Elk & Moose Antler Floor Lamp w/Rawhide Shade


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The most beautiful combination of elk and moose antlers crafted together and including an awesome looking (look at our close up pictures to see what we mean!) hand-made rawhide shade make a gorgeous looking one-of-a-kind antler floor lamp! The naturally shed elk antlers make up the vertical section of the floor lamp because of their great, stylish looks and a big, broad moose antler lays horizontally connecting the floor lamps legs not only for great stability but for a magazine holder also. The ends of every antler on this wonderfully unique floor lamp are polished as smooth as a pearl. It takes a lot of extra time and work to do this but it adds greatly to the overall looks of this beautiful and magnificent looking antler floor lamp! All the antlers used in our floor lamp are Grade A antlers (NOT Grade B or Grade C antlers) for the best looking and highest quality shed antlers available anywhere on the market!

 This Antler Floor Lamp is very popular among Interior Designers where looks and quality are the main focus. Our craftsmen love making these grand looking floor lamps and they put some special creativity in each design they do. This one-of-a-kind antler floor lamp will add the amazing looks and feel of the Rocky Mountains and the Great Outdoors to your rustic decor. Goes absolutely great with your antler chandeliers and antler decor in your home or cabin! The height varies from 50" to 60" but if you have a specific height you'd like please call us & we will gladly make one for you to that height and design! The shade on this floor lamp will set this antler lamp apart from any other lamp you may look at, anywhere! Guaranteed! The art of hand-rubbing leather until it is prepared and shaped into  a lamp shade is a lost art these days because it takes so much time and effort to create even one lamp shade! When we were searching for the perfect lamp shades to offer our clients and we first saw the quality and great looks of these we could not believe the beauty of them. You'll fall in love with them like we did. Look for discount rustic furniture and discount antler lamps here.

All our lamps, tables, furniture and chandeliers are made from real moose, & elk shed antlers. This amazing looking Floor Lamp is a really great addition to any room. 





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Joretta N. 26th Jul 2016


We just love it ! My husband was skeptical spending this much $ on an antler floor lamp but he is now happy we got it. The amazing quality and craftsmanship of this antler floor lamp is something you just must to see! Everybody comments on it's beauty. Quite an antler lighting masterpiece to go with all our rustic furniture and antler chandeliers and antler lighting. Worth every penny! Thanks for the great service- we are more than pleased!!