Elk Antler Table w/Glass

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The Elk Antler Table w/Glass is as grandeur in looks as it is stylish and contemporary in design. An eye catching work of antler art designed into antler table furniture for use in those medium to large size areas! Notice the ends of every elk antler are shined and polished as smooth looking as a pearl, which adds greatly to the overall looks of the sofa table. Made with the dark rich tones found only in naturally shed elk antlers, it is a VERY BEAUTIFUL addition to your rustic decor and antler chandelier lighting looks of your cabin or home. Professional Interior Designers love working with this antler sofa table where magnificent looks and unequalled quality are needed for their clients. Dimensions shown here are 28-30" tall x 17" wide x 50" long and we will custom design any size you prefer.

The most common questions we receive are how solid and stabile is the table? It is VERY solid and stabile! Huge elk antlers make the foundation as solid as a rock! Sure to please the interior designer in your family and the antler lover too, it really is as stunning as the pictures show! The Elk Antler Tables we carry are really breathtakingly beautiful! This will add an amazing feel of the Backcountry Wilderness to your cabin or home decor and almost make you feel like you're traveling with Lewis and Clark exploring through the Rockies Clearwater region! Look it up if you've never been there, big, gorgeous country! You can almost hear the bulls screaming at their challengers across the canyons!

If you have a specific size, height, length or different kind of antlers you would like in a design, just call us at Teton Lighting we will gladly craft one for you to your specifications. Designed to please your antler table needs, guaranteed! All our antler products including this sofa table is made from naturally shed elk antlers. This amazing looking Elk Sofa Table is a really great addition to any room. Made in the USA and no animals were hurt while harvesting the shed antlers. Please call us if you have questions that need to be answered. We're here to serve you! Thanks for shopping with us today! Find discount rustic furniture and discount antler furniture here.


Reviews (1)

Joya B 9th Feb 2016

WOW, beautiful!

We shopped around a LONG TIME and we are so glad we found this amazing elk antler sofa table. A close friend told us about Teton Lighting and the great deer antler chandeliers and prices they have so we checked it out. GLAD we did! The quality and craftsmanship is amazing. They even shine and polish the antler ends till they're smooth. Great prices and fast service. Staff answered all our questions. Thanks Teton Lighting!