Antler Martini Glass

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Antler Martini Glasses


Our Antler Martini Glasses are a one of a kind original creation, hand-crafted from naturally shed deer antlers. The martini glasses are VERY attractive and tons of fun to use and drink with, whether it's orange juice or a real martini. They are so unique and stylish that they make an amazing attraction for those special occasions, parties and entertaining fun. An antler pedicle is used for a good, solid base for the antler stem of the martini glass to sit on. The handle of the martini glass is a beautiful deer antler stem and the glass is expertly connected to the antler stem to make a great looking martini glass! There is a piece of felt on the bottom of the antler base so the base will not slide or scratch a table top or any other surface. The custom designed martini glass goes great with your rustic decor and antler chandelier lighting themes for your home or cabin. Our clients have told us that "our martini glasses are really unique, great looking, and a great conversation starter for parties AND just a whole lot of fun to entertain with". Your family, friends and guests will love them, just make sure you get enough for everybody to have one! They're a very attractive and charming addition to any kitchen or bar, a sure attention getter that people will comment on whenever they see them. Drink in STYLE with this specially crafted one-of-a-kind Antler Martini Glass made with deer antlers. Made in the USA or it doesn't leave our shop. Thanks for shopping with Teton Lighting where customer service and pleasing our customers is our #1 priority. Find great discount antler martini glasses here.



Reviews (1)

Valletta J. 25th Feb 2016

LOVE our martini glasses!!!

We bought ten of the martini glasses and they have been the life of the party! What conversation pieces- EVERYBODY comments on them and drinking even orange juice is fun with these GREAT looking antler glasses. We'll be buying more for Christmas stocking stuffers next year. And at a great price- THANKS! Love your service people.